Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start the new construction process?

We try to make every step of the process as simple as possible from the very beginning, and all you have to do to start is give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We will set up a meeting to discuss your goals, and make sure we find the house that best fits your needs and desires.

Do you have building lots available to choose from?

Yes, we have building lots in the best neighborhoods in southern Indiana.

Can you build on my lot?

Yes, Schuler Homes will be happy to build on your lot, whether it is in a neighborhood or on a piece of land you already own.  

Do you have floor plans to choose from?

Yes, we have a range of floor plans available to meet your goals and budget.  Most importantly, we are completely flexible when it comes to modifying one of our plans to better fit your needs.

You can also bring us your own plan, and we can work together to develop it to your specifications.

How long have you been in the business?

 Schuler Homes has been in business over thirty years.


SMART ENERGY rated homes offer homebuyers all the features they want in a new home, plus energy-efficient improvements that deliver better performance, greater comfort, and lower utility bills.

Added Confidence
Lower Ownership Costs
Better Performance
Smart Investment
Environmental Protection

What’s a 2-10 Warranty?

 The 2-10 Warranty is the best warranty available for new homes.  It is an insurance-backed, transferable warranty that covers the home for 10 years.  Here is the breakdown of what it covers:

      -2 years on workmanship

      -2 years on plumbing, electrical, and heating and air systems

      -4 years on the roof

      -10 years on the foundation


Can I pick out the colors or cabinets or etc…?

Yes, we can build you a home where you select as much as you desire from the very beginning.  If you decide to purchase a home already under construction, you can still select a great deal depending on what stage of construction the home is in.

What type of window?

There are many options when it comes to selecting windows, but rest assured we will always be looking out for your best interest.

At Schuler Homes, we strive to create value for our homeowners, and no window does that better than single-hung vinyl windows using Low-E glass.  The Low-E glass reflects heat back into the house during the winter and reflects heat and ultraviolet light away from the house during the summer to create an efficient and comfortable environment year-round.  The single-hung aspect reduces air leaks and thereby helps to reduce utility bills and provides better comfort by removing drafts.  The vinyl means zero maintenance on the actual frame.    

Where are you building?

We are currently building in both Floyd and Clark County.

Do you have references?

We will be happy to let you speak with people we have worked with in the past. 

Do I get the loan or do you?

We are completely flexible when it comes to your financial position.  When you decide to build with us, we are willing to work with you.  One or other carries the loan.  

The first option is for you to make a non-refundable down payment to Schuler Homes, accompanied with a pre-approval letter for the total amount of your eventual mortgage.  This means you do not have to deal with a construction loan.

The second option is for you to take out a construction loan and pay us in installments as the home progresses.

How long does it take to build a home?

From the day we break ground on your house, it typically takes five months to complete it.  The size of your home, changes made during construction, and the weather can have a delaying effect, but we will still strive to have your home finished on time or ahead of schedule.  For these reasons, we take extra time during the planning process to make sure all your selections are made so we reduce the chances of delays.

What if I want to make a change during construction?

Changes during construction are common, and we strive to accommodate our clients in every way possible.  Before any change is made, both the client and construction supervisor sign off on the change and payment is made for the change.

What’s a “dual system”?

A dual system refers to having two separate units to heat and cool different parts of your home.  It is most commonly used when you have a multiple-story home and want to keep a better temperature balance between the two floors.

What’s a “dual-fuel” system and how does it work?

A “dual-fuel system” utilizes an electric heat pump and a gas furnace.  The heat pump is your outdoor unit that provides both your air conditioning and heat until the temperature reaches the point where it is more efficient to use gas to heat your home.  The system does all the work for you.  Whenever gas service is available, every Schuler Home utilizes a dual-fuel system.  If gas service is not available, an electric furnace serves as your homes back-up heat.  Every Schuler Home comes with a programmable thermostat to allow you to make the most of your already energy efficient home when you are home or away.    

What’s the seer rating on the heat pump?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is the rating system for heat pumps to determine their energy efficiency.  The minimum SEER rating by code is currently 13, but many Schuler Homes utilize 16 SEER equipment because of its ability to provide a much higher level of energy efficiency, comfort, and monthly savings on utility bills.

“My real estate agent brought me to you but I want to save money by cutting them out…”

Schuler Homes will never “cut out” a real estate agent.