Our Step-by-Step Process

We understand the need for simplicity in your life and have developed a step-by-step process to illustrate your goals. It’s a chance for you to see the quality materials and disciplined approach to construction that forms the foundation of your new home.

A Schuler Home is Quality Built from Start to Finish

We’ve broken the home building process down into 5 major areas
Pre-Construction Meeting

Before we begin construction, we will guide you through the entire building process, starting with a meeting to introduce the construction team and to answer any questions regarding the construction timetable.

During this initial phase, we will help you finalize your floor plan and will begin to discuss any customization that you desire. We will work through the total cost of your new home, assist you with locating a lot if you do not have one, and can walk you through the financing process.

After your financing has been secured, we will discuss any final changes, secure the proper permits, line up the team, and begin construction on your new house.

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Pre-Drywall Frame Walk
Prior to the installation of drywall, we will give you a guided tour, allowing you to inspect the inner workings of your home.
Quality Assurance Inspection
Before your final walk-through, we conduct our own quality control check to ensure that your home is in proper working order.
Pre-Closing Orientation

When your home is finished, we will take you on a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures for all aspects of your new home.

Post-Closing Orientation
During the first month of ownership you may find small items that need to be addressed by our staff. Our Service Coordinator will contact you at you convenience to complete needed repairs. We offer this service at the 60 day and 1 year mark.