Please explore some of our most popular models. Schuler Homes is here to help you find a floor plan that you will love. During the process, Schuler Homes’ design team will help you customize this home to truly make it your own. And if you already have a floor plan that you don’t see here, Schuler Homes can help you find a lot, select drawings, and help you build a truly custom dream home.

Schuler Homes is different from your typical builder. Just like you, we dislike “Cookie-Cutter” homes. The pictures within our Floor Plans show a sampling of the Floor Plan, but many of the features change each time we build a home. Of course, we change the Interior Design, but we also make framing changes. For example, we may move a wall, move doors, add a hearth, change the footprint, etc. Guess what? You can too. Are you walking through a home under construction and want to buy it “only if” something were different? Call us. Do you want to build one of our floor plans but change it up? We love those meetings! Enjoy the visual walk-through of our plans, but please remember we never build the exact same thing twice!